Thursday, 21 August 2014

21 August 2014

Well, I'm back from a lovely week at my mother in law's in The Lizard in Cornwall. Actually got back last Friday but it's taken me forever to catch up and have just spent the best part of an hour trying to remember my log in etc for this blog!! I'm getting old, my memory isn't what it used to be!
Well, I lied when I said I wouldn't have time to do any stitching whilst I was away. I stitched these two Christmas cards and am already on another one.

I've also been a bit naughty and have been bidding away on Ebay for lots more card kits that I don't really need but I have to have!! I've also found a great little Lucie Heaton website ( and have found a free chart of a Christmas Fairy on there that I want to make into a card. Sadly, I didn't have many of the threads so I went to my local craft store, In Stitches in Crediton to order some and hopefully will be ready next week.

I'm also going to try and have a go at making a tea cup candle after seeing some on a website and have got a free candle making kit from I found a lovely bone chine cup and saucer in my local charity shop so shall be having a bit of play later!

Inspired by the return of The Great British Bake Off  I've also been busy baking - a Farmhouse Fruit Cake which was delicious (not normally a fruit cake lover but this was really light) and today I made scones, which we'll be having with clotted cream and jam later on.

Devon Scones

Farmhouse Fruit Cake
I'm currently on the hunt for empty jars as I want to make chilli relish, jam and chutneys with the abundance of chillis I have on my Prarie Fire chilli plant.

Still not won anything on the hundreds of competitions that I've entered but did win a free chocolate bar on a Cadbury's Dairy Milk wrapper and also won £10.00 on a scratch card that I bought on a whim. Maybe my luck is about to change?

Back to work for me in just over a week after having the summer off looking after my children on their school holidays. Really not looking forward to it as I don't like the job and am currently looking for another one - fingers crossed. So, I shall be spending the last few days sorting out what needs to be bought before the start of term and ironing in name labels into uniform like a dervish!!

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